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Copies of rare coins in your collection

Numismatists from around the world are competing to see who can find the rarest coin into their collection. However, most of the coins are difficult to find, because part of them are in museums and rare items are in private collections. So there are COPIES OF RARE COINS for all who wants receive a rare item.
Coins and History
Rare coins include coins that are not used for more than 100 years as a rule, each new ruler issued a coin or banknote, so it means if you look how the design of coins was changing you can to observe how had changed historical epochs. You can see how with the change of rulers changed and the appearance of the coins. This changed not only the face, but even a shape.
Compared with banknotes, coins have survived in better condition, so their COPIES OF RARE COINS include fine details and authenticity. It is believed that the coins have a predominantly round shape, but it is not. In some countries, including the Imperial Russia, use square coin, on some islands in Europe used the triangular coin, but they were used not a long time, probably because of the awkward shape. One of the most convenient forms considered a round shape with a hole in the middle. These coins were comfortable to wear around the neck in a bundle, and according to different beliefs — such form brings good luck to the owner. Nowadays, you can find a coin with a hole in middle in Japanese souvenir shops, like a «lucky coin».
COPIES OF RARE COINS that relate to the Imperial Russia in 1726, just have a square shape. In general, the coins of imperial Russia have traditional round shape.
Differences between the original and the copy
Copies of all the coins are made with all details and it’s so hard to distinguish them from the original, even holding in the hand. The manufacturer has not forgotten a single detail, added all the decals, so a person who is not a coin collector, may not even realize that before him a very high quality COPY OF RARE COINS. There are not only the coins of Imperial Russia and the Soviet Union coins in the list.
Authentic copy of the coins is done by using electroforming — creating shapes metal by electrochemical process. It’s made possible to create coins that have been preserved in several copies. Anyone who has doubts about the purchase of copies — can leave them in the past because development of science gives the opportunity to fully revive the coins, which were used more than 200 years ago.
From old to new
If you want to add to your collection is not only a COPY OF RARE COINS, but also some more modern awards, then pay attention to the modern Ukrainian awards. Most of them are awarded to veterans of the Second World War or the war in Afghanistan. You can also find medals which were given to the liquidators of the Chernobyl disaster in 1986. Most new awards were issued in 2011, when was 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl accident. Speaking of the most recent awards, we can’t forget medals, which were released only in 2014 on the occasion of the ATO in the east of Ukraine. Medal «FOR DEFEND OF HOMELAND» is the new in the MODERN UKRAINIAN AWARDS list.