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If you are a collector and you want to be owner of modern Ukrainian awards or awards of the Soviet Union, welcome to the site, where you can find the originals and copies of the rarest items.
Collecting of rare objects is one of the oldest hobbies. Collectors pick different interesting piece of their hobbies: fans of art — pictures, fans of reading — books, but history fans prefer collecting antique awards and coins.
Ukraine with its rich history could not fail to attract the attention of collectors with his rather large list of awards. Despite the fact that an antique always has a higher price modern Ukrainian awards also in high demand. Numismatists would like a large assortment of antique coins. So, what can be found on the site of badges and awards?
Ancient Coins
Collectors, of course, is always trying to find originals, but many of the coins were produced in very small quantities, that’s why find this award is almost impossible. However, in order not to miss the opportunity to add in your collection quite rare exhibits, you can order a copy. All copies of rare coins are very itemized, so look exactly the same. Among copies you can find coins of Russian Empire of 18 century, and it is difficult to imagine that this coin is forgotten in someone’s pocket, rather than lying in a glass case in a museum. A copy made so believable and it seems that the manufacturer did not forget about the time stamp and this coin looks like exactly the same as a coin which was used when someone was buying the bread in 1709.
The assortment of coins which you can add to your collection includes such coins that are not available even in historical museums. There are a variety of coins — from those which were in Imperial Russia, to those that were in the Soviet Union.
Modern Ukrainian awards
Ukraine after the USSR produced several new awards. These include awards to anniversaries of World War II, the elimination of the Chernobyl accident, the war in Afghanistan and awards, which were introduced only last year — for participation in the ATO. Most of the awards come with documents. Separately, you can select a reward of Novorossia. Despite the fact that most of these awards are produced in Russian, they are an award for achievements on the Ukrainian territory.
The most modern Ukrainian award is a medal «FOR DEFEND OF HOMELAND», which is awarded for special deserts of soldiers and volunteers who participated in the ATO in eastern Ukraine.
There are a number of professional awards, which are awarded by representatives of different professions, like paratroopers, employees of the SBU and the firefighters. For his bravery in emergency situations, they are awarded with medals.
Awards of Ukraine in Soviet times
Medals and decorations in the Ukraine during the Soviet Union do not differ from the awards that were in other countries of the USSR. Most of the medals belong to the World War II, but you can find badges like the veteran of work, honorary donor, mother-heroine, and others. Most of the badges were converted into modern Ukrainian award and is used in independent Ukraine.