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Lucien Fiori

A piece of an absolute happiness to a devoted collector like me. I’ve been searching for a medal like this for several years, — to find a copy is not a problem, but a genuine one with a special sense, spirit and even smell of the past — is a treasure. Thank you, guys, for this nice medal, it looks well preserved.



I visited Ukraine during first way of protesting before war started and was simply amazed by the atmosphere of the country. Being a witness of a historical event worth collecting some details to make it remembered. Bought a medal as a souvenir to myself – nice, affordable price and may be quite interesting for my children.

2014 Ukrainian medal «FOR DEFEND OF HOMELAND» with document

Jerome Dunn

I’ve been collecting military medals and other stuff during more than 35 years, but German awards ‘ve never been in my top. Ordered this one to accompany others that I chose before in the shop — and never felt sorry for this. The copy is very fine and nice, looks very classy and found a right place in my collection.

German award ORDER OF THE GERMAN EAGLE 4 class. Copy


Ordered a gift to my bf, who’s very proud of his Russian origin and celebrates their Victory day here yearly. Paid around 20 $ and got a priceless gift to a person. Nice shop with a good choice and nice prices. Lot of thanks to staff of the site who helped me to understand what is what and to choose a correct thing.

Soviet award «Order of Red Star» Copy.

Greg Langley

I liked the design and price, completely satisfied with service and shipment conditions. The medal has no sign of damage and is simply perfect. Will definitely chose some more “babies” here to make my collection wider.

Postsoviet russian commemorative medal «VETERAN OF MILITARY AND AIR FORCES» with document

David Estrada

A very fine and beautiful work, each detail coincides with pictures in historical catalogues. It really makes me feel that I’m holding a piece of fallen Russian Empire right in my hand – even if it’s just a copy of an order.

Imperial russian award «ORDER OF ST. STANISLAUS» 2 degree without swords. COPY

Kevin Roberts

Got my order today and I really like it. Coin is heavy and all elements are very clear, letters are readable. Now I’m a holder of a copy of 1.5 Ruble. Unthinkable – 1.5! Why 1.5 dollar has never been invented? Oh, this Russians…

Silver imperial russian coin «1.5 ROUBLE 1839″ Alexander I. Copy.

William Birrell

It looks so special. Very nice and unusual coin, very interesting shape and design. The copy is made very well, it looks so realistic that none of my friends can guess it’s just a reproduction.

Russian coin «5 KOPECKS 1726″ 60.3g Copy.

Allan Gallegos

Just came across and ordered. I like the design and this tiny elements that are so unique. In real looks that same as on site, colors are a bit brighter that I imagined. Delivery is quick and cheap.

2015 Ukrainian chernobyl award «CHERNOBYL CROSS» with documemt

Aaron Cartano

The medal is in a perfect condition, very interesting design, a lot of details. I really like it.

Postsoviet Ukrainian medal «FOR OUR VICTORY 9.05.1945″ with document

Kamilo Hernanso

Happy to find it, such a nice and rare medal. Price is very attractive, service is well-organized and quick.

Russian medal «50 YEARS TO THE FIRST FLIGHT OF THE PERSON IN SPACE» with document

Rob Sargent

A thing that worth buying. I’m not a collector — but sometimes it’s just nice to have things that are so unusual.

Rare soviet russian coin «1/2 OF 1 KOPECKS 1961″ Copy.

William Mulford

I’m a happy client of the site. Prices are cheap and very affordable, delivery terms are quite satisfactory.

Russian medal «TO FAMILIES OF VICTIMS IN AFGHANISTAN» with document

Jerry Bredstock

Not an easy thing to find, a good copy, both medal and document are in good condition. Very interesting design.

Afghanistan medal «FOR THR TENTH ANNIVERSARY OF THE SAUR REVOLUTION» with document . Copy

Anna Bonneut

Very nice and beautiful copy, perfect service, fast delivery.

Imperial russian award «ORDER OF ST. ANNA». 4 DEGREE. COPY