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Memorial accessories in Ukraine

Each country has a number of commemorative accessories that allow you to reward their citizens for their outstanding achievements. This allows you to celebrate the achievements of people in different areas and write their names in history.
The main accessories include state medals and badges. On the territory of modern Ukraine all awards can be divided into awards of the USSR and awards which used in independent Ukraine.
Ukrainian awards for participation in the Second World War
During the Soviet Union all the countries were used the same medals, so in Ukraine can be found medals, which were awarded in other countries of the Soviet Union. Most of them are medals for services in World War II.
After a few decades, today every veteran has a few medals. This is due to the fact that in addition to the medals for services in World War II, on the anniversary of the victory all veterans were awarded commemorative medals. But don’t think that such a medal — only state accessory, each of these awards — is grateful for the contribution to the victory over Nazi Germany.
Medals of World War II include awards that were given for the liberation of the USSR territory and for the capture of the cities on the enemy’s territory. Awards were given not only for the capture of German cities, but for the capture of cities from Nazi allied countries.
Other awards in Ukraine
In addition to awards for merits during World War II, some of commemorative accessories were released on the occasion of the war in Afghanistan. These are medals like «For Military Merit» and «For courage». Medals on the occasion of the anniversary are «Veteran of war in Afghanistan «and «In Memory of the 25th anniversary of the war in Afghanistan.» After the collapse of the USSR, on the territory of post-Soviet countries on the occasion of the war in Afghanistan, the medals may vary.
In April 1986, an accident occurred at the Chernobyl atomic electrical station. To eliminate the consequences of the accident were involved a huge number of secret services who risked their health to normalize the ecological situation in the country. For his bravery, courage and heroism each liquidator received a memorial accessory. Today, on the occasion of the liquidation of the Chernobyl accident also produced special medals. Last — «Chernobyl 25-of years» was released in 2011.
Since the days of the Soviet Union remained a tradition to reward labor veterans for their contribution to the development of the country. Veteran of Labor considered people whose seniority of 45 years for men and 35 — for women. They officially awarded with memorial accessories too.
Awards of Ukraine for participation in the ATO
Newest awards are medals which were awarded for participation in the ATO in UKRAINE. The main medal for participation in the ATO considered medal «FOR DEFEND OF HOMELAND». More than 3,000 soldiers of the Ukrainian army have been awarded the medal by the order of President May 9, 2015.
In addition to the medals of Ukraine there is a list of medals for achievements in the fight for the Novorossia. Among them there are the medals «FOR SERVICE IN BATTLE OF NOVOROSSIA», «FOR THE RETURN OF THE CRIMEA», «DEFENDER OF THE FATHERLAND» and others.
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