History of the medal.

Medal «For Military Merit», same as a medal «For Courage», was the most popular Soviet medal. Total there were produced 5210078 awards (before the war — 21252, in the years of the Great Patriotic War — 3,381,978; and from 1946 to 1992 — 1,806,848). During the Great Patriotic War, many were awarded with the medal several times.
The medal was established by the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on October 17, 1938. During this period, there was fighting in the area of Lake Khasan in the Far East. Participants in these fights became the first holders of this award.
Statute of the medal. Soviet medal «For Military Merit» was created to honor the soldiers of the Red Army, the Navy, the internal troops as well as civilians for courageous actions during combat, while protecting the borders of the Soviet Union and other services while serving in the army.

Description of the medal.

Russian award «For Military Merit» takes the form of a perfectly round shape diameter of 31 — 32.5 mm (depending on the year of production).
The obverse side of the medal in the upper part of the circle has the inscription «USSR» with embossed letters, covered with ruby red enamel. The width of the inscription «USSR» is 6 mm, height of the letters is 2.5 mm. In the middle part there is an embossed inscription made in three lines «For Military Merit». The height of the letters is 3 mm. Under the inscription there is a relief image of a rifle with fixed bayonet and tempered belt, crossed with a sword. The length of a rifle with a bayonet is 23 mm, sward — 20 mm.
The front side of the medal is bordered by the rim with width of 1 mm and a height 0.25 mm.
The reverse side of the medal is smooth.
The medal is made of 925 silver. The total weight of silver medal (September 18, 1975) is 18.22 gr. The total weight of the medal without pad is 19,725 ± 1,3 gr.
By means of ear and a ring this Russian award is connected to the pentagonal pad, covered with silk moire ribbon of gray with two longitudinal golden stripes on the edges. The width of the ribbon is 24 mm, the width of the strips is 2 mm.


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