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Russian military awards
Russian military awards are one of the most interesting examples for collectors and historians all over the world. Some of the existing awards of modern Russian Federation are reflections of former awards designed in very interesting historical periods of Russia: the time of Russian Empire and the USSR. Some of awards with unique and bright design, interesting symbols and history of creation were cancelled for up to several hundreds of years until they were re-introduced in Russian Federation. It can be considered as a successful fact of preserving historical heritage in modern traditions.
Modern award system in Russia
Russian system of social and military awards has following gradation:
1.Honorary titles (supreme ranks) (for showing remarkable results in military or social work)
2.Orders of Russian Federation
3.Medals of Russian Federation
4.Identifying insignia
Above mentioned system is used both for civil and military citizens and is implemented by Presidential Decree.
The system was built since 1992 and is based on the award principles of Russian Empire with some elements preserved from the time of former USSR. On 2nd of March 1992 it was officially allowed to use several awards of USSR time without any changes. Since that time and till 1994-1995 several orders of Suvorov, Ushakov, Kutuzov etc. were awarded to Russian citizens. Modern Russian military awards appeared several years later after a Decree in 1994 that become a starting point for a new award system to be developed.

Honorary titles of Russia
In modern Russian Federation there are five honorary titles presented. One title is civil, one is created to be awarded to space pilots. Two of the titles are military: Honored Military Navigator and Honored Military Pilot of Russian Federation. One of the titles can be considered both as Russian civil and military award — Hero of Russian Federation.

Military orders of Russian Federation
Order of the St. Andrew is one of the highest and most interesting for collectors award. It’s a modern variant of one of the first orders used in the time of Russian empire. Modern award can’t be considered as totally military one. It has been most frequently awarded to civil citizens of Russia and other countries for showing outstanding results in science, art, etc. but it can also be used as Russian military award. In this case it will be decorated by additional detail – two crossed swords above the heads of an eagle (symbol of Russian Federation).
Other important award is an order of St. George that has got four grades and is awarded for remarkable military performance. There is also one more order that preserves system of four grades introduced by Katherine the Great (Russian monarch) – order for Merit of the Fatherland. The order can be awarded both to civil and military people.
Among modern orders of Russian Federation there is a great number of those that are considered to be a copy of Soviet awards. Orders of Kutuzov, Ushakov, Zhukov, Nakhimov originate from Soviet time, design of the orders was slightly changed but main elements and forms were kept.
Medals of Russian Federation
Russian award system has a great variety of military medals. Several of them designed in traditions of Russian Empire, but most are reflections of medals used in former USSR, such as WWII or Afghanistan medal of honor. Alongside with state awards of Russian Federation there are medals that are issued by organizations, communities and associations, they are recognized in Russia but are not considered to be state medals.